We do not identify the users of our site however we do use cookies. This page is here to explain what cookies are, how we use them and how you can control the use of cookies on your computer.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a piece of coded information in the form of a very small text file that is placed on an internet user's computer hard drive. It is generated by a web page server, which is the computer that delivers the web site's pages. The information the cookie contains is set by the server and it can be used by that server only whenever the user visits the site - if that is before the cookie naturally expires.

How we use cookies

Our site like many on the internet uses analytics software to see which pages people visit and how they use the site. We then use this information to improve the site to make it better for you. Our website does not utilize advertising or commission cookies.

How to block and delete our cookies

If you want to block or delete our cookies you can do so with your browser's settings. The excellent guide from has details on how to use the cookie settings on your browser.

The cookies we use

Google Analytics Cookies. These cookies are served by Google via our website and this link to their description of the cookies may help you better understand their usage. (click here for info about Google's Analytics cookies)